The idea behind this blog is to share what I have learned about owning an AGA cooker.

We became AGA owners by accident. We closed on a house on October 6, 2010 that had an AGA 2-oven cooker.  As I start this blog, we have lived with the AGA for a month. We have learned a lot and already have some good stories. 

Thanks for reading.


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  1. i would like to come over for a piece of that lemon roulade please.

  2. Now that you have lived with the AGA for a little over a year, are you a convert? If you moved, would you miss your AGA or be glad to return to a “regular” range?

    I ask because I just inherited an AGA and my hubby and I plan to build a new kitchen around it, this is without ever using one in our lives and I’m a bit nervous we will hate it or at least not prefer it to the standard range. Thoughts?

    • We do love the AGA. It cooks great food. We were very excited to turn it on after our summer shutdown. I would miss it if we moved. Two of my original fears are still valid – cost to run and running in a hot climate like SC. The cost to run is a function of energy prices in general and the fact that it is always on – the nature of the beast. Natural gas may be cheaper to run than propane but I am not sure. Having an AGA in coastal SC like we do is just crazy. It is just too hot run in the summer and the AC has to work too hard. But our workaround suits us fine.
      Here is what I can offer as far as design/planning advice:
      The larger the room and taller the ceilings the more comfortable it is with the AGA.
      Consider putting in a standard range in addition to the AGA. You will love the AGA but having an alternative allows you to have choices – in case you find it is too hot in the summer.
      Do your research. Understand venting options/configurations; know what burner you are getting – oil, gas, LPG and plan accordingly. Understand how old it is. Involve a professional.
      Find the AGA repair technician in your area and talk to them and find out who else in the area has them and talk to them as well. AGA owners love their AGAs. Hang out at the dealer and talk to them.

      good luck with your decision. Let me know if you have further questions.

  3. We have an Aga and live in Charlotte, NC.
    Living with an Aga over summer and winter:
    – we’re on natural gas so our gas bill went up slightly but not anymore than if we had a regular gas stove
    – our AC/electric bill did NOT go up at all in the summer. But . . . we had an AC vent directed right at the Aga which I’m sure really helped (except for the cat that was always in front of the vent!)
    – our heating bill in the winter is relatively low, and there is nothing nicer than being in a kitchen that warmed by an Aga! (said cat moved from front of AC vent to front of Aga, she’s seasonal like that)

  4. I too ‘inherited’ an AGA, a (now) 60 year old solid fuel burner.

    I don’t know how hot it gets where you live, but I’ll bet it’s even hotter here in Sub-Tropical Australia..! I converted my AGA to run on firewood, and it costs me about $20 a month max to run it……

    I totally agree with the high ceilings, our kitchen has 12 foot ceiling at the apex and clerestory windows in the roof to ventilate the space, allowing us to extend our AGA season by maybe a month or two.

    We’re planning to move to Tasmania, the southernmost part of Australia, and the plan is to buy a refurbished four oven stove and convert it to wood also. Hopefully we’ll then be able to run it for at least nine months of the year!
    Great Blog……. I’ll be coming back!

  5. Donna Mandell

    I live in southeastern N.C.and use my AGA exclusively. My first AGA , purchased in 1992, was in N.Y. and ran on natural gas. When we made our residence in N.C. permanent in 2002, we installed a new AGA.. The radiant heat does not seem to affect the ambient temperature very much unless you are standing directly in front of it…..it seems to help as a dehumidifier on those between season days when there is no AC or heat running.

  6. Brent Bonfiglio

    We live in western MA and have a 2 oven gas AGA that we use year round…. we live in a small 1850’s cottage with no air conditioning… we leave the windows open… and its ok….. But we have trouble with finding a good AGA fitter to service our AGA…. the ones closest to us in MA ( VT and NH), don’t return phone calls for weeks…… we actually have a AGA guy from Michigan drive out to service it…..I’m nervious about how hard it is to find a good service tech….. and know they are only selling the DC and total control AGA’s……..Yikes….

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