Roasting Chestnuts on the AGA

In the thick of the Holiday season I got my hands on some chestnuts. While researching how to roast them in the AGA, I ran across this video from AGA Cookshop.

Simple process: score nuts (else they explode), roast on roasting oven floor for 20 minutes, let cool but peel while still warm.


3 responses to “Roasting Chestnuts on the AGA

  1. Would LOVE to see more videos using the AGA. I live in an area of the US that doesn’t have cooking classes nearby. I’m getting ready to buy a home that has an AGA so I’m relying on information on the web

  2. I’m a little confused. In the video she says to put the tin in the roasting oven but it looks like she put it in the baking oven…

    • Looks like the roasting oven to me. On the 2 and the 4 ovens the roasting oven is top right. On the 4 oven the baking is bottom right. On the 2 oven the baking oven is top right roasting oven however you use a cold plain shelf to shield your food and absorb heat. There is lots to learn with an AGA. The most difficult is translating cooking temps in recipes to fit the AGA. However the results are fantastic! Good luck!

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