Roasting Coffee in the AGA: a repost from AGA Kitchen – Let’s Roast Coffee

I tried roasting coffee in the AGA last year. I had the same thought process that AGA Kitchen had: constant heat source and vented ovens. Why not? It was “mild”ly successful. I didn’t get the rich dark roast that I was looking for. So went longer and burned the beans. I did not stir and shake them enough. I was surprised that the roasting process didn’t smell like the finished product. I will try the method below and see if I can be more successful. BTW I bought my green beans from Amazon Prime, Colombian, 1 pound bag was about $9 if my memory serves. Thank you AGA Kitchen! Now for the post:

I swear this is the last time I bump this to the top. It’s so worth experimenting with for Aga owner’s. The direct vent in each oven, the constant heat source and the fact, yes fact, that we are better then average cooks are great reasons for you to try this. This is a…


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