AGA Roasted Pork Loin and Fennel

We did a fantastic pork loin roast. The roast was slathered with a bacon, garlic and fennel seed purée. The AGA really excels at roasting meat. The result was very moist.
The recipe came from Epicurious.
We used a 2.5 lb roast, a bit smaller than the recipe called for. It was the end of the loin which had more fat than the center cut. After a 20 minute sizzle on the #1 runners it was finished off on the #4 runners for about 40 more minutes. Total cook time was about 1 hour. The AGA roasted faster than the 1.5 hours the recipe called for. Definitely use a meat thermometer. I pulled it out 5 degrees before the 155 target and it still reached 160, a whole 10 degrees, while resting.
Most of the juices cooked off however the drippings made an excellent gravy for the wild rice we served with it.



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