Upgrade – Teddington Burner upgrade

The Teddington Mk 1 burner chapter is over for us. After replacing the thermocouple (see previous post) the pilot stayed lit for 2 weeks and went out again. I tested the thermocouple and it had aready degraded in that 2 week period (i.e. not generating the same voltage that it generated when new). Even after replacing with a another thermocouple we were not able to keep the pilot lit. It was time to upgrade.

I emailed Barry at agafixspares.com to see if he could furnish me with a new burner. It turns out that the US burners have different specs than the UK burners – the gas pressure ranges are different. This was a bummer because his burners were less expensive than the quote that I received for the upgrade in the US.

I called our AGA technician, Walter Sands, located over 4 hours away in Greensboro, NC. He located an upgrade burner located in the US. This was fortunate because we would not have to wait on overseas shipment and customs from the UK.  The bad news was it was just shy of $1500.  We had the burner shipped overnight to Walter for Friday deliverly. He drove down Monday EARLY morning, arriving at 8 AM. He had it up and running by 9:30.

The new burner is more quiet than the old. So far we are pleased even though it cost an arm and a leg. I am selling the old one for parts; see the “for sale” page and make me an offer.


7 responses to “Upgrade – Teddington Burner upgrade

  1. Hi there,

    I have a mk1 with the old Teddington burner.

    It seems to be okay albeit badly calibrated (we only need to have the dial to be at 2 to hit the roasting line and on minimum it’s well out of the black).

    We have the option to get the new burner from agafixspares (we are in the UK).

    My question is – are you finding the new burner more efficient? I reckon we are burning about 120-140kw/h of gas a day to maintain the heat on the centre roasting line.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and excellent blog.

    Regards… Ben (Coventry, UK)

    • I ask asked our fitter the same thing when we upgraded. He told me I wouldn’t be able to notice a savings except for the fact that I will now be burning ALL of the propane rather than letting some leak unburned. I would have to say I agree with him. The newer burners certainly feel and look more efficient because they are modern compared to the old one. If you have a way to measure I would really like to hear if you experience a savings. Our biggest savings has come from switching propane companies just recently. We found a rural provider that will deliver to us and they are cheaper by almost 30%!

      • Where we are we have metered mains natural gas, so we can measure daily usage pretty accurately.

        Hard to compare like for like, but typical gas price in the uk is about 4p per kW/h so the Aga is currently costing about £5 ($7.50 to our American cousins!) per day.

        Fortunately we have a special gas tariff that gets that down to 2.2p per kW/h (plus a daily fixed charge of 35p), which comes in about £3 per day ($4.50).

        Might be difficult to draw any conclusions compared with your propane cost/burn, would be interesting to hear any metrics you have.

      • We burn about 100 gallons every 6 weeks. That is 2.18 gallons per day or $4.50/day at $2.09/gallon. That is roughly 8,265 BTU per hour.

      • 8256 BTU is 2.42Kwh so 58 KWh compared to my estimated 125 KWh per day… So either the old burner is much less efficient, or you are running your Aga cooler than us (we run on the roasting line). Or we got the maths wrong somewhere!!

      • I put my money on my math(s) being wrong. Do you have a 2 oven? I know that propane is more pure than natural gas but that should have been considered in the BTU/Kw value.

      • Yes 2 oven, our burner looks identical to your old one.

        I suppose there are other factors, maybe the ambient outdoor temperature.

        I suspect the new burners are more efficient, just a question of how much.

        And if say it was 25% it’s still a long time to recover the £900 cost…

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