Killer Easy Chicken for Lunches

This recipe is easy and tasty. Use the chicken for burritos, quesadillas or in a baguette. I bought a package of split chicken breasts (bone in) that contained 3 breast halves.  They fit nicely in the small deep roasting tin.

Pour a glug of olive oil in the tin and coat the bottom. Put the breasts in meat side down and roll them over to coat. Pour about 4 oz of Mojo sauce (picture below) over the breasts (eyeball it). Throw in a crushed garlic clover for good measure. Season with salt and pepper and roast, meat down, on the first or second set of runners in the roasting oven. After 10 minutes pull out and flip the breasts so meat side is up and baste, add another 4 oz of Mojo and put back in. After 10 minutes pull out and baste again. Put back in on wire rack on floor of roasting oven. Roast for 10-15 minutes longer. Pull out and let rest for 10 minutes. Pull meat from bones and return it the juices in the tin.  Store in lidded container in fridge.

Reheat by putting chicken on a small tin lined with kitchen foil. Put on wire rack on floor of roasting oven for about 5-7 minutes. (Isn’t it amazing how the AGA is only a couple of minutes slower than a microwave?!)

Use in burritos, BBQ chicken pizza, quesadillas or baguette. These 3 breasts fed two adults for 3 days for lunch. The meat cost $1.77/lb or $5.50 for the package. …And it was very tasty.


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