AGA instructions – How to remove top video

As temperatures start to fall it is time to think about cranking up the AGA after our summer shutdown.  Earlier this year we had a towel bar end bracket which had chipped its enamel (apparently this is a common occurence).  We taped over the rough edges with duct tape and then searched how to repair it. I ordered a replacement bracket from  Based on the advice from the guys at I also ordered some replacement chrome screw covers as they tend to get scratched up when removing.

I recorded the process of removing the top and replacing the towel bar end bracket.  The process is very easy and the hardest part is removing the screw covers without scratching them.  There are only 23 nuts and bolts holding the AGA together so it is fairly simple to work on however I always like to know what I am getting into before venturing into new territory. I hope you find the video helpful if you have to work on your AGA.  Oh, as always turn the AGA off and let cool before working on it.

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One response to “AGA instructions – How to remove top video

  1. Daryl Mullins

    That was so useful. Thanks

    Just a couple of observations:

    1. Using a valve grinding tool (like the one used on a car cylinder head) will really help in removing the chrome screw covers.

    2. Make sure that you have a really wide-blade screwdriver to hand.

    3. The nuts on my AGA (built in 1991) require a 1/4 whitworth spanner.

    4. The chrome screw covers come with different thread sizes and I ordered the wrong ones.

    5. Reassemble the rail bracket studs using a proprietary “locking fluid”. This will ensure that the brackets don’t come loose again

    I hope that this adds even more assistance.

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