AGA Lemon Roulade – Sarah Whittaker

In January we had a fresh harvest of meyer lemons. I couldn’t think of a better use for them than Sarah Whittaker’s Lemon Roulade.  She is a wizard on the AGA.  The recipe turned out great.  You will have to watch the video for the recipe – sorry that I haven’t extracted it for you. I tried to extract the recipe the best I could:
5 eggs, separated
1/4 cup (approx.) caster sugar (not common in the US but it is finely ground sugar NOT confectioners because that has cornstarch added; you can make caster sugar in the food processor) fine granulated will work you just have to beat it longer
Zest and juice from one lemon
1 cup (approx.) flour
1 cup (approx.) toasted ground almonds
Whipped cream fo filling
2 generous Tbsp Honey

Separate eggs. 

Whisk whites until standing. 

Whisk yolks with caster sugar until “thick, rich and creamy” mixture.
Add flour and almonds to yolk mixture and mix.
Add lemon zest and juice.
Fold whites to yolk mixture.
Put out onto baking sheet with bake-o-glide.
bake until golden brown approx 30 to 40 min but remember the golden AGA rule check early and often (2 oven- lowest runner in upper oven with cold plain shelf; baking oven on 4 oven)
Roll baked cake in tea towel and cool.
Make filling by mixing in 2 generous tbsp of honey into whipped cream
Fill cake with whipped cream and roll.

Note that there is a comment on the YouTube page that says not to use Bake-o-glide. I found that bake-o-glide worked fine.


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