6 Hour Pork Roast – Jamie Oliver recipe

In December (a little late on this post) we prepared Jamie Oliver’s 6 Hour Pork Roast for a dinner party.  The results were a fall-off-the-bone pork roast with plenty of leftovers.  The challenge was converting the instructions to AGA-speak – 30 min at 425, 4.5 hrs+ 1 hr at 325.  The 425 is easy; that is the upper racks of the top oven on the 2-oven AGA.  325 was where i had problems. that is usually the top oven with the cold plain shelf. That seemed a little hot to me especially since i was “slow roasting” this joint. I threw it in the bottom oven on the highest set of runners it would fit. It was finished in about about the same amount of time. During the 4.5 hour roast I put the joint back in the upper oven for a few minutes a time to make sure it was still cooking.  That was probably not necessary.

The picture above shows the roast at the point where the veggies go in.  You will notice that i scored the fat cap too deep and it split.

Future plans – 

  • Definitely will make it again using the same cooking method.
  • Will use a duller knife to score the fat cap so i don’t cut it through.
  • Will try out rubbing it with smoked salt to get that barbeque pit smell and flavor.
  • Might try a banana leaf wrap instead of foil.

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