The pilot light fiasco

After living in the house for a week our curiousity was killing us – it was time to crank the AGA up and see what this modern wonder can do.  The house inspector started it so we knew it worked.  I shut the oven off at the tank after the inspection so i knew that the burner valve was on. This is important because i was missing the bakelite knob for the burner. Apparently this is not unusual as the heat disintegrates the plastic over time.  Following the pilot lighting instructions on the inside of the burner door, I attempted to light the thing. I wasn’t having any luck but if i held the safety knob half way down I could hear the gas flowing, Iclicked the ignitor again…then WHOOOOOSH, a flame shot out of the opening at the bottom of the burner.  I burned my hand in three places and singed the hair on my arm but luckily I wasn’t badly hurt.  It happened fast and it was HOT. I decided to call the guy that installed it and he gave me some tips. How does the saying go..burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me….. After a couple weak attempts to light it I was too gun shy to keep going.

We found a local technician to come out and light the pilot light. He experienced the same flash surprise that I did. Still not major injuries. He tried to convince me to sell the thing as it was impractical, etc. —interesting advice coming from a certified AGA technician.  We haven’t even used the thing yet, we’ve been in the house only a week and this guy is trying to get me to remodel my kitchen!?   Needless to say, I was not amused. After a little arm twisting, I got him to fix the igniter and get the burner lit.


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