Buying and ownership concerns

Our primary concerns when buying the house (and thus the AGA) were operating costs, heat dissipation and child safety.

  • We knew the AGA would always be on so we knew that we would crank through some propane. I plan on doing a propane usage posting to detail actual usage once we get a handle on it.  My preliminary estimate is approx. 10 gal per week which is $30/week at current prices.
  • We live in the steamy south so having an oven known for its “gentle radiating heat” and “ability to reduce heating expenses” naturally concerned us. After reading some posts from other southern owners we decided to turn the AGA off in the summer and cook on the grill, which we do a lot anyway.
  • Child safety has not been an issue. We have 18 month old who says a maximum of 10 words and “hot” is one of them. He learned the first week it was on that the big white iron thing over there was hot. Fortunately he learned this without any burns. I would say that child safety should not be concern that derails an AGA purchase decision.  Having said that, one should always be careful working around the AGA with children underfoot especially while opening the upper oven door.  But this is the case with any preheated oven.

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