Biscuits in the AGA

We made biscuits this weekend  in the AGA using my wife’s grandmother’s recipe. Here is what we discovered about the technique –

  • No plain cold shelf is needed for baking biscuits – Of course is applies to 2-oven cookers only. Biscuits and scones are baked at hotter temperatures than cakes and other baked goods, at around 425F. 
  • Bake in the upper part of the oven – we used the 2nd set of runners (counting down from the top).
  • Cooking time – about 8-10 minutes – until golden brown
  • Temperature drop – The temperature dropped the more we used the oven. We cooked about 5 batches. The cooking time was extended on the later batches.  The quality of the biscuits did not suffer, it just took longer.
  • Bake-o-glide is da bomb – get some if you don’t have any:

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