The AGA acquisition

We did not purchase our AGA but rather bought a house that had an AGA in it. I love the AGA but it probably would not have been my first choice for cooking equipment. I am intrigued and excited about experiencing the cooking legend.

We bought our house in October 2010. As I start this blog we have been using the AGA for a month.

I had very little exposure AGAs before. I knew that they were English, always on and that you can make toast on the boiling plate. But that was it. Before we bought the house I did my research. I quickly learned that to cook on an AGA that you must change your cooking style and rethink your activities. (80 percent in ovens versus 80 percent on the stove top, etc. )  With very little time researching one can find out all the neat facts about this legendary appliance. With AGA Bloga I want to share the things that are not easily discovered unless you own an AGA.


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